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May 31st, 2011

Should you use stock icons?

Stock Icons, by admin.

If you are a web designer or writing a program, you probably know that icons are often the things that add to the quality of your site; they can turn your software or website from being only functional to one that is is professional looking, easy to use and attention grabbing.

However, creating your own stock icons is anything but easy and of course a task that will take up a lot of your time. If you enlist the help of a web graphics designer, you will land up spending a bundle for the graphics. On the contrary, you can procure similar quality from web graphics offered online for a fraction of the cost. A library of stock icons will generally have 100 or more images, provided in a variety of file formats that are perfect for depicting the functions that are commonly observed on several websites and software programs; for instance, help, lock , copy, paste and others.

Admin Icons

If you could not buy icons that live up to you expectations, you can simply get in touch one of these websites and request them to make a custom icon for you; this is by far the most preferable option; to put it simply, the designer who worked on the original graphics will be in a better position to retain a modicum of commonality in all the graphics of a series created for a distinct theme.

The next doubt that a majority of people wonder about is whether they should select the commercial graphics or pick free graphics, so here is some insight on the advantages of commercial graphics as compared to the free pictures:

Price: The cost of an collection of graphics can be in the range of $100 and over based on the number of images. However, free graphics will generally have royalty issues and/or you will have to include accreditations while using them.

Size: Good quality con sets can be purchased in a myriad of sizes, so even if you pay for one icon, you should get them in several sizes like 16×16, 24×24 etc; you can also purchase them in several states such as disabled, hot etc. However; free images are only available in a singular size and state

License: You may have to face some issues with the licenses that are free; you will not have the liberty to make changes to the icons nor will you have the permission to use them as many times as you want but with commercial stock icons, you can use the images innumerable times in the most esoteric contexts.

Usability: Professional icon sets will normally feature enough images to cover all your programming and web designing expectation ; however, with free icons even if you do manage to get images of an acceptable quality, they cannot be found easily which means that you will not be able to incorporate them in your applications.

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