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Vector graphics editor is a computer program which enables users to create and edit vector graphics images on a computer and save them in some popular vector graphic formats such as PDF, SVG, WMF, EPS and VML. As we know vector editors are always contrasted with bitmap editors. This technology is quite excellent for page layout, typography, logos technical illustrations and flowcharting. Bitmap editors are more suitable for photo processing, photorealistic illustrations and illustration drawn by hand with a pen tablet. Recent versions of bitmap like GIMP and Photoshop support vector editors such as Adobe illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand and Inkscape which were once limited to bitmap editors. Some vector editors support animations while other support animation graphics. Usually this technology is more suitable for animation. This technology is closely related to desktop publishing which includes some vector drawing tools. Modern vector editors are capable of designing some unique documents successfully. Few vector editors support the animation, whereas others are geared specifically towards making animated graphics. Normally, the vector graphics are suitable for the animation, although there are the raster based animation tools. The vector editors are related closely to the desktop publishing program like Adobe InDesign and Scribus that as well generally include a few vector drawing tools (generally less powerful than one in the standalone editors). The modern vector editors can, and preferable to design the unique documents (such as flyers and brochures) of some pages; it is just for the longer and standardized documents, which page layout software’s are suitable. The special vector…